7B Two Row Pyramid Belt



This is a high quality black leather belt with two rows of chrome pyramid studs. It has a  removable buckle.  It is 1 1/4" wide and adjusts with  5 holes at 1" increments.  Choose your size from the drop down at the right of the photo. The sizes shown are at the middle hole.  Example a 34 would cover from 32 - 36".    We use only real leather from hand picked hides, no bonded leather like that junk in the mall .  This belt will last a long long time.  All of my products are made by me in my own workshop.  I use hand methods when called for and good machinery for the rest.  I have been doing this for over 30 years and workmanship and  quality are great.  

Please measure. The best way to figure your size is to measure a belt that you are currently wearing from the fold at the buckle to the hole you wear it on. The overall length of the belt and your pants size are irrelevant. It's good if the belt is the same width as this one which is 1 1/4".  Our belts are measured from the fold at the buckle to the middle hole.