Terms & Conditions

 We use only real leather from hand picked hides, no bonded leather like that junk in the mall . This belt will last a long long time. All of my products are made by me in my own workshop. I use hand methods when called for and good machinery for the rest. I have been doing this for over 30 years and workmanship and quality are great. Your item will be made to order and might take up to 7 days to ship.  
We do returns, but please be careful with the size.  Most people buy a belt that is too small.    What size is your waist? A regular waist belt should be 2" larger than your pants size. If you are going to wear this on the hips it should be even  larger than that.  Like 4" larger than your waist size. 
If you can, please measure yourself at the place where you are going to be wearing this belt, probably a bit above your hips. If you already have a belt that is worn in the way you are going to wear this one please measure it from the fold at the buckle to the hole you wear it on and give that to me.  Also let me know the width of that belt.  Please get back to me so I can get it right. 
If you have a 30" waist I would suggest a 34" bondage belt.  Make sure you read all of the above before deciding.