CB2 - Concho Belt



This is a high quality black leather concho belt.  It has 12 1" round star nickel plated conchos in 3 groups of 4.  It is 1" wide and adjusts with  5 holes at 1" increments.  Your belt size is at least 2" larger than your pants size. PLEASE READ THIS.  First let me thank you for looking at the belt!  Now the other stuff.  Here are some sizing tips.

Please measure.  The best way to figure your size is to measure a belt that you are currently wearing from the fold at the buckle to the hole you wear it on. The overall length of the belt is irrelevant.  It's good if the belt is the same width as this one which is 1"

If you do get the wrong size we have a 20% restocking fee and you will have to pay again for me to ship you a new belt.